Apparently I’m Huge?

On Pinterest I like to look at a variety of things. Watercolor tattoos, tasty recipes (both healthy and cheesy/delicious), holiday decorations, and of course workouts as well. So when a BMI chart popped up on my Pinterest home page, I was curious to look at it. Now, I'm not as thin as I once was. … Continue reading Apparently I’m Huge?


Trends to Keep an Eye On in the New Year

According to an article by Alan Murray on, there are five big business trends to watch out for in 2018. Tax cuts are likely to help to boost growth for businesses and that points to a strong economy, but Murray thinks that this is not enough of a reason to stop worrying about recession … Continue reading Trends to Keep an Eye On in the New Year

AI Reaches the Real Estate Industry

While B2C companies have been experimenting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in such things as chatbots to assist with regular customer service needs, there are also many opportunities for AI to be implemented effectively within the real estate sector. As noted in an article in CXO Today, AI can easily be used in a similar chatbot … Continue reading AI Reaches the Real Estate Industry


IoT Helps Achieve Sustainability Goals

Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the way of the world immensely in the past year. As companies everywhere embrace these ongoing innovations, we recognize that one of the most impactful ways IoT can help those in the real estate and construction is by improving sustainability efforts. According to a GreenBiz article by Jayraj Nair, … Continue reading IoT Helps Achieve Sustainability Goals


Are we truly living with purpose?

This is the quote my tea shared with me this morning. I think most of us probably feel we live with purpose. Since my diagnosis with cancer in 2006, I've felt mine is to help the cancer community in whatever ways I can. But I can't help but wonder about others. Especially in the age of such divisiveness, where it feels like...


Thoughts on White Privilege

So you don't believe in white privilege. Chances are you're white if that is the case. Hey guess what, I'm white too. I do, however, fully acknowledge that white privilege exists and I experience it on a daily basis. So I just have some things I want you to think about. Do you honestly believe … Continue reading Thoughts on White Privilege


That Special Kind of Bald

Things noticed and questions unanswered from an AYA survivor.