IoT Helps Achieve Sustainability Goals

Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the way of the world immensely in the past year. As companies everywhere embrace these ongoing innovations, we recognize that one of the most impactful ways IoT can help those in the real estate and construction is by improving sustainability efforts.

According to a GreenBiz article by Jayraj Nair, Global Head of IoT at Wipro, there are three key ways businesses can use get started in their efforts to help save the environment by using IoT.

1. Emphasize digital citizenship and individual responsibility
Especially in real estate development and property management where LEED certification has become increasingly important, it is important to make sure your employees understand their individual responsibility to the overall impact of the company. Data and connectivity can help with this initiative with such initiatives as using Virtual Reality (VR) to immerse individuals in the situations that demonstrate the negative impact of careless environmental policies and create empathy within employees.

2. Share knowledge and resources across departments
Once the individuals in the company have become more aware of their impact, collaboration and cross-functionality will allow for more creative sustainable solutions to come about.

Collaboration in an external network is important also, as this will lead to the fluidity of information that often sparks new ideas and actual innovation of products and solutions. This transparency and innovation are likely to lead to a positive impact on society and with regards to environmental and social issues.

3. Collaborate to create guidelines for tech development
Nair also urges businesses to collaborate with government organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency to work on the development of official regulations for technological development. He notes the importance of this as a way to help bridge the gap between businesses being able to meet their bottom line and maximize revenue and remain environmentally and socially responsible.

Businesses play a vital role in our society’s ability to build a sustainable future for humanity. It is the business world that will need to lead with social and environmental responsibility to make a serious impact. Not only is sustainability good for our society and for our planet, but in real estate and big business specifically it is good for the bottom line, for example, the initial investment of going solar is huge, but over time this can actually save a company money in utilities.

Sustainability is paramount and with the technological advances we have made in recent years such as IoT, becoming sustainable is easier and more exciting than ever.

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