AI Reaches the Real Estate Industry

While B2C companies have been experimenting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in such things as chatbots to assist with regular customer service needs, there are also many opportunities for AI to be implemented effectively within the real estate sector.

As noted in an article in CXO Today, AI can easily be used in a similar chatbot function, but with a focus on sharing information across the project life cycle. This could include sharing project information, current construction status, responding to billing queries, and more.

Integration of AI functions into social media platforms also offers the opportunity to tap into new leads for projects, and respond to inquiries with automated bots. These ways to include AI functions would be simple to implement in real estate businesses because the platforms and templates already exist.

Although these chatbots would not completely replace human interaction, they have the ability to augment it and allow employees to make more informed decisions and suggestions if they do need to discuss something with a client. Overall, the integration of AI would improve the customer experience and increase productivity and efficiency of customer service and client relations departments.

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