Thoughts on White Privilege

So you don’t believe in white privilege. Chances are you’re white if that is the case. Hey guess what, I’m white too. I do, however, fully acknowledge that white privilege exists and I experience it on a daily basis. So I just have some things I want you to think about.

Do you honestly believe you are treated the same way on a daily basis as a POC? Do you deny that you are afforded more courtesy and more automatic respect and positive assumptions by society as a whole when you walk down the street? I just really want you to think about it for a minute.

Yeah, it might be uncomfortable to recognize that we got the easy end of the skin color spectrum. Maybe you feel like acknowledging white privilege is like acknowledging you’re prejudiced or racist, but that’s not the case. Having white privilege does not make you a bad person nor do I believe that anyone thinks that is what it means. White privilege is a construct of our flawed society and you as an individual need to acknowledge it to make a difference and change perceptions and actions of others within our world for the better.

So what does it mean to acknowledge white privilege? It’s acknowledging that you generally have good assumptions made about you by society and random passers by, and those with darker skin have more negative assumptions made about them. It’s acknowledging that you won’t have to teach your kids to take the same precautions to remain safe in “normal” situations that POCs will. It’s acknowledging that while none of us truly have it easy and everyone has their own adversity to face, some of us have it easier than others when walking down the street or shopping in the grocery store.

So acknowledging that you have white privilege is the first step. Opening your eyes to bigotry and discrimination that happens around you is the next. And from there you need to stand up, use your voice, and take action in those situations.

White privilege perpetuates because good people turn a blind eye instead of standing up for equality and humankind. What matters is that you acknowledge that you can use your white privilege to open other people’s eyes to the indecency many of our fellow humans experience on the daily. What matters is love and kindness and standing up for all your brothers and sisters, no matter the pigment of their skin or the place of their birth.

And that’s what I think.

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