There’s a certain kind of baldness that you notice when you’re a cancer survivor. That special kind of bald where your eyelashes and eyebrows are missing too. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons that a person might lose their hair, but the most common and the one that pops into my head every time is chemo.

So, when I’m on my morning light rail commute and a man who appears to be in his late 20s walks in with that special kind of bald I notice. And me, being me, want to do something to help. But what do I do? Nothing. Nothing other than pulling out my Galaxy S7 and starting up my WordPress app.

Because how could I be so assumptive and callous? Yes, my heart is in the right place because I just want to support my fellow cancer survivors. However, what if it’s not cancer? And he probably just wants to go unnoticed and read his book in peace on his commute anyway.

Just because I’m immediately reminded of my own 2 & 1/2 years of treatment and flooded with emotions doesn’t mean I get to bring this young man into that. Especially right before we both go in to work.

Brianne Sheridan sitting on a hospital bed making a silly face in 2006

But that brings me to my next point. What do you do when you’re unexpectedly going through a bunch of emotional turmoil right before work because you saw a man with that special kind of bald?

Well at this point, because I’m still on the light rail, I’m not really sure. I know I’m supposed to pay attention to my emotions when they pop up and remind me of how hard everything I went through was. But that’s always extremely hard for me to do.

So, it’ll probably be one of those days where I just feel on edge the entire time I’m at the office. Or maybe not. Maybe writing a blog will have helped. I’m not sure yet cause I’m not done.

And to the man who was on the F line in Denver this morning: I’m wishing you well. I hope that you kick whatever it is that caused that special kind of bald right in the ass. I hope you’re doing okay. And if it is cancer like I suspected, I highly recommend you check out, it’s done an indescribable amount of good for me.

Photo of slideshow presentation at CancerCon 2017. Slide reads

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