Hey Facebook, stop attacking my user experience!

Dear Facebook, 

Your abrupt video advertisements are ruining my user experience. I don’t know why you thought they were a good idea. Your team should’ve done more research before implementing such a disruptive tactic for monetizing video content. Especially because I can’t bring myself to remain engaged with video content when your ads throw off the entire experience. I have yet to actually watch a video through your ads and I have yet to actually find out what the conclusion to what I wanted to watch was. 

I read an article that warned me you would be implementing this attempt at making more money. I hope you will see the error in your ways. You are a platform that is about connecting with others and sharing ideas. The videos people watch on your platform are not long enough or engaging enough for me to sit through a commercial break.

I urge you to do some research. Try focusing on telecom and advertisements as topics. The numbers show that your tactic is a bad one. You are at risk of alienating your audience.

Yeah, you’re a big fish in the social media pond. But the digital world is always changing, you might become a small fish if you can’t recognize that your users are the lifeblood of your company. 


One of your many frustrated users


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