March 20, 2017

I got to laze around in the morning while waiting for my classmate, Emily, to arrive at Hauptbahnhof.  We met and went back to the hostel to drop off her bags before running off to Marienplatz. We were running late for our free walking tour! 

Yes I know, I went on two free walking tours. But they were very different. I highly suggest the one we went on as a group (me, Emily, her brother and his girlfriend, Max and Madison) which was through InMunich. Our tour guide was Marcin and he was so great. He was funny and enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. I actually think I learned and retained much more from his tour than the first. 

A statue of Shakespeare’s Juliette. If you rub a certain part of her it is said that you will be lucky in your love life. But you have to leave a rose, or you have bad luck.

Bullet holes are in only one side of the columns of Palais An Der Oper.

After the tour, we went to the beautiful biergarten at the market and sat with two locals, Hilde and Falk, who told us all about themselves and wanted to learn all about us. They are the loveliest couple. They had even biked in from where they live on the outskirts of Munich! 
The group of us talked and drank beer and shared pretzels and sausage and fries. It was a wonderful lunch and the perfect representation of why I love Munich. It’s about the friendliness of the people and the warmth there is between everyone. You sit down at a table and different groups will join you. This has been my experience in Munich every time I have visited. 

At the biergarten with (from left) Emily, Madison, Max, Hilde, and Falk.

Hilde and Falk then had to head home and the four of us proceeded to Augustiner to have more beers. I’m not going to lie, we all got rather drunk. Well except for Emily. From there we came back to the hostel to drink at the bar. Each of us had our own bad thing going on whether it was hives or the spins or general surliness. Then Max and Madison went back to their AirB&B and Emily and I went up to the room.

I proceeded to be a confused drunken butthead to our new Italian roommates because my smushy brain did not understand that they had checked in while we were gone. Then I opened my gummy bears, accidentally spilled them, and fell asleep. 

I wrote the girls apology notes the next day, of course, because I felt like such a jerk. But I’ll include bits about that in the next post about my Munich trip! Just in case you needed a reason to check in again later 🙂


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