March 18, 2017

Since I’m writing about each day of my trip, I’m even going to tell you about the one that was mainly boring because I was a drunken idiot the night before. Apologies for the lackluster nature of this one. But at least I’m letting you know right up front so you can jump ship if you’d like.

I was rather hungover on day three, since I had too many zombies and free shots with very nice and generous travelers on day 2. I was supposed to take the bus from Munich to Freiburg at 10:00 a.m. to see my friend from studying abroad in Italy four years ago, Elnur. But my dumb drunk self from the night before forgot to set an alarm, so I missed my bus. I then proceeded to sleep in until about 11. It was then that I met my new roommates.

All five of these girls all seem to be traveling together. I do not believe they speak English, but I really don’t know because they just loudly laughed and talked with each other while occupying the bathroom for primping the entire time they were there.

Now don’t get me wrong, I totally understand it’s a shared space and it was daytime already, but I feel like some courtesy would be nice. If someone in your room is napping would you walk in and be loudly speaking with your friends? I wouldn’t. I would speak quietly because maybe that person really needed the extra sleep or maybe they had already been out and were so exhausted that they really needed a nap. But maybe that’s just me.

Anyway once they left and I had the bathroom to myself I took my sweet time getting refreshed and ready to figure out my day since missing my bus. I wandered down to Karlsplatz  (known better to the locals as Stachus) to see about finding coffee and some food.

As I wandered I found myself realizing that I wasn’t okay with completely missing my trip to see Elnur. So I found a Coffee Fellows, got my café latte, and headed back to the hostel to look into getting a ticket on the next direct express Flixbus to Freiburg.

Well that bus was at 4 p.m., so I got my ticket (for just 15 euro) packed some things and headed off to Hackerbrücke. Based on the map I had thought the bus station would be much closer to my hostel than it was, so I wound up getting there just before the bus was scheduled to leave. Thank goodness that nice guy from Austria showed me the way down to the station 5 minutes before my bus was to leave, because otherwise I would’ve missed it.

The nearly 5 hour bus ride was relaxing. I got to do a lot of writing, just like I am now on my way back to Munich. Elnur was supposed to meet me at the station but was about 45 minutes late because his internship kept him so long.

When Elnur arrived I was actively keeping an eye on the guy carrying a half empty wine bottle who was in a confrontation with the police, so I was startled when he touched my shoulder.

We went back to his apartment, accidentally burned the pizza because we were talking so much about how our lives have been for the past 4 years, ate it anyway, had Rot Haus Pils, the beer Freiburg is apparently famous for, and went to bed. I slept perfectly fine on his little twin sized bed, but he had a much tougher time on the couch, where he says he only got about an hour of sleep.

And that’s the story of day three. Not too exciting, but it is what it is.


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