March 19, 2017

When Elnur and I woke up (or I did, because he was awake most of the night) we got ready and then he took me into the city center to show me around his new city. 

We stopped at a little cafe, Kaiser City, where I had quiche and espresso and Elnur had a delicious looking cinnamon roll covered with walnuts. He was already having so much trouble keeping his eyes open at this point because of his insomnia the night before. 

We continued to wander around the beautiful streets. They were quite literally the most beautiful streets I have ever seen, we were basically walking over artwork everywhere we went. 

He took me by the university that is in Freiburg. When I told him how much it costs me to go to grad school at University of Denver he was shocked and disgusted by the way. He says he would never pay that much for school and that school should be free. I’m totally on his side with that one. 

We saw the really awesome looking (but super expensive to build) library. 

Then there was the theatre, which I just had to stand in front of because I’m a theatre lover at my very core.  

And other buildings that were just gorgeous. 

Oh and I can’t forget, there were a lot of bikes. 

Elnur then took me back to the main station, where I would be able to get on my bus. We said our goodbyes, he went home to sleep, and I left on my Flixbus back to Munich at 11:00 a.m. 

Before I got here, I made sure to ask people on where the best bar to watch the Bundesliga game would be. A “local guru” named Toby told me that without a doubt it was Stadion, and he sent me a link. I emailed them to make sure I would have a spot at the bar for the game and got a reservation for one. 

After getting back to the hostel and putting my little travel bag of stuff back in my room, I went to go find my way there. I got really confused and turned around at the underground trains because my stop didn’t seem to be listed anywhere… but I made it. 

I couldn’t get into my WordPress app while I was there, so I’ll give you a straight copy of the notes I took on ColorNote while I was there:
No WiFi here so I can’t post anything. Well there is WiFi but there is not any public WiFi. 

Having weissbier and I’m 2 in. Still 0-0 at 56:37. I’m the only American in the vicinity so I’m feeling completely alone while surrounded by people. I thought more people would be chatty but I was a little wrong. Oops. Still fun anyway cause I get to watch the game. 

And we get one at 62 minutes in! By none other than my favorite player, Thomas Müller!

At 83 minutes now and we are still in the lead by one point. But it’s getting interesting as Gladbach attempts to go hard to get a point or two. 

A couple things aren’t fun about this game, but have nothing to do with the game itself. It’s a good game. I can’t understand anyone around me so I don’t get the joke, but they keep laughing at stuff. And I can’t understand the commentator except for when he names a player. I feel a little lost except that I can see what is happening in the game. I’m that darn American in the room.

And after 2 minutes of overtime, we win it! Just as expected haha. Now I’m about to leave and go back to the hostel. 

Update: their women’s bathroom has weird porny photos in it… of women… and it’s pink and fuzzy… now I’m really leaving.

And now that I’m back at the hostel, I’m going to chill for a bit before heading down to the Wombar. 


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