March 16, 2017

Well, I was so excited to finally land in Munich after 20 hours of travel that I tripped and fell on my face on the way off the plane. I wasn’t hurt though and jumped up and threw my hands in the air, “Welcome to Munich!” I exclaimed. 

My train into Munich from the airport and got in at about 9:30 a.m. First I went to find my hostel, Wombat’s City Hostel, Munich. It’s super close to Hauptbahnhof so that was a breeze. I dropped off my luggage and was informed that they had a free tour leaving from the lobby at 10:45. 

Our tour guide was pretty awesome. He took us through Karlsplatz, which I found out is better known to locals as Stachus, to Marienplatz and gave us a great overview of some historical locations. He also had a deal with one of the butcher shops so that we all could get beer and a bratwurst for just 5 euro each! I won’t give you all the details of the tour but below are some photos of what we saw. 

I would definitely suggest taking his free tour if you’re ever in Munich. It’s a great way to meet other travelers, especially when you’re traveling alone like me!

After the tour I seriously needed a nap. I was able to get all checked into my room when we returned. I napped through the dinner that some of my traveler acquaintances were going on, but when I woke up I got to meet one of my roommates, Hannah from Melbourne, Australia. She and I chatted for a while and then a third roommate returned, Cammie from Colorado who was moving to New York. 
We all went down to the Wombar for Quiz Night, which happens every Thursday. When we first walked in the entire bar was filled with older men. We were the only women in the entire place besides one of the bartenders! We were rather confused until the quiz host, Austin, a tour guide from Radius Tours, let us know the old guys were all there for a 50th birthday party. 

After we finished our complimentary “Welcome” drinks the quiz started. You have to pick a team name, and then the best team name is chosen by the bartenders and that team gets a round of shots! Our team name “The winner is…” unfortunately didn’t win, “Zie French Fries” did. They were a group of 3 Frenchmen sitting next to us. We were then joined by Anna, who  had met on the free tour earlier that day and is from New York.

The quiz was a ton of fun and very multiculturally based. There are even a couple of rounds of shots you can win before the end. We didn’t get any of those We were in the lead until the very end, when the 80s music round was worth double points and we were so young we missed a bunch. 
It was a ton of fun though anyway and Austin was a great host. Then I had another beer and chatted with one of the French guys a bit before heading up to bed. 

Overall it was a very good first day, even despite falling on my face with my first step off the plane!

Inside St. Michael’s church in Karlsplatz

Augustiner is Munich’s favorite beer

St. Peters church. Can you spot the (supposed) cannonball?
The New City Hall at Marienplatz
Beer stein lockers at Hofbrauhaus

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