It’s been a long couple of days trying to finish up the winter quarter at DU and prepare for my spring break trip to Munich. This morning my flight left from Denver at 9 a.m. and I’m on my way to my first stop, Atlanta. Woohoo!

Everything went smoothly getting to the airport, through security, and to my gate. My mom is staying with my dog back in Denver and I was able to pack everything on my list into just one small carry-on bag and a large purse! (Mom was very impressed.)

Now here I am on my flight, writing the first draft of this blog post. Why do I know it’s the first draft? Well I can’t post it now because the WiFi on this flight is inaccessible!

Wait what? But the WiFi light is on…

So here’s the thing. I’ve tried multiple times to purchase the in flight WiFi through gogo, which is the platform Delta is using for this WiFi capability, but I keep getting this error message. I’ve waited the 5 minutes it says to multiple times now and have given up.

But hey, there’s free content to watch! Oh wait, no there’s not. Because even though I’d really like to watch suicide squad, I just can’t seem to get through because I can’t actually download the app in flight because I can’t pay for the WiFi that is supposedly accessible.

Quite a frustrating conundrum I’m in here. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some stuff downloaded and get the thing to work during my layover in Atlanta. A 9 hour flight would be much more difficult without entertainment than a 3 hour one.


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