Facebook Commercials? No Thank You!

Facebook is now inserting advertisements directly into the video content you’re watching. The headline of this article, “Facebook’s Commercial Breaks Are Ready for Primetime,” really caught me off guard. I know Facebook is all about getting that ad revenue, but I hadn’t thought this site housed enough video content to really make video ads work. I still don’t.

These mid-roll ad breaks are apparently running in the middle of premium video and certain live video content and therefore are similar to the commercial breaks most people avoid like the plague while watching cable TV. Although I have not yet seen any of these ads come up while watching video content on facebook, I imagine that consumers will be just as bothered by them as they are with YouTube ads and TV commercials.

Facebook claims that this is an effort to help their partners monetize their content. But since we already know that people see advertisements as disruptive and bothersome and there are so many other options out there for consumers to go stream video content, I struggle to find the value in this move.

As I mentioned before, we know Facebook loves its ad revenue. However, Facebook’s native ads have proven to be a much more effective way to reach consumers. So, why would the company want to insert ads into content that most consumers are watching particularly because it was previously ad-free?


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