Much too much violence in Chico. Let’s do something about it!!

Within the past month in Chico, Calif. there have been an obscene amount of violent incidents.

This past weekend, three students were attacked at two separate events. Two male students were stabbed, and one female student was battered in her own apartment. These were very serious attacks and both occurred in the very early morning on May 12th.

Too many acts of violence were committed during the Cinco de Mayo weekend to mention all of them here.

Erik Taylor is the director of legislative affairs for the Associated Students and the president of the Chico State Student Democratic Club. He was attacked on his walk home early in the morning of April 29th. He suffered a broken nose and deep gashes in the back of his head.

After this attack, Erik decided that something needed to be done and the More Lights Safer Nights (MLSN) campaign was born. MLSN is asking for more street lights in the areas surrounding downtown Chico and Chico State’s campus to create a safer environment for students and community members.

Chico State’s Students Against Violence Everywhere, Gender and Sexuality Equity Center (GSEC), and the Democratic Club are also on board.

Please like our Facebook page. It is absolutely essential that we promote safety in Chico, Calif.

More Lights Safer Nights logo; created by Bri Sheridan
The More Lights Safer Nights logo created by Bri Sheridan.

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