Plastic Bag Bullies

ChicoBag was sued by the three top producers of single-use plastic bags. They accused the reusable bag producer of false advertising and unfair competition because of various statements regarding plastic bags in the landfill and a lack of recycling.

Um, what? It seems to me that it is common knowledge that producing unnecessary waste is bad for our environment. Not to mention that ChicoBag was not the original publisher of the disputed statements. How annoying is it when big corporations try to squash the good guys.

Yes, I see ChicoBag as the good guy in this situation. Using recycled materials to create a reusable bags so that the landfill fills up a little slower? Using Bag Monster to push for plastic bag waste reduction?

I see these as positive and I believe anyone who is concerned about taking care of our environment at all would agree.

Thank goodness those plastic bag bullies realized they should drop out of the lawsuit they started. Well all except Hilex, who held on and came to a settlement with ChicoBag that basically said that both parties would more accurately represent facts about bag waste and cite their information.

I’d say it’s a success story for ChicoBag and the environment alike.

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