The Internet: That’s a Big Bucket to Kick.

What would you do if the internet kicked the bucket at midnight tonight?

Picture yourself waking up in the morning and not being able to go on Facebook or look up those articles that your professor said to bring to class that day.  It’s scary.

The internet is a huge part of my life. I wake up, I turn on my iTunes, listen to my country music, and maybe download a new album while I get ready for school; I google those articles I forgot to find for my class that starts in an hour; I check my weather app to see what to wear for the day; I use facebook on my phone to add cute photos of my kitten – his name is Angus – while I’m bored in class. It’s almost like my whole day is centered around the internet.

I imagine though, that if the internet crashed we would have a lot bigger problems than sharing kitten pictures. For instance, think about banking. In 2009, a study said that  47% of adults in the U.S. bank online. A study in September of this year showed that 62% of people prefer to do their banking online.

What if all these people all the sudden rushed into the branches to do all their banking? Chaos. People freak out when their routines get messed up, and when anything has to do with money it becomes a bigger more dramatic issue.

If the internet crashed though, people’s routines would be changed in a lot of other ways too. We wouldn’t have instant access to any information. We would have to start calling people for their office hours instead of looking them up on our smartphones and going to a store to buy a song instead of simply downloading it.

Communication would change. There would be no facebook to announce things to your friends or particular groups/clubs you might be a part of, no way for businesses to send instant announcements to customers and no email to let your professor know you are sick that day.

Literally, life as we know it would cease to exist if the internet crashed for a day. Then, everyone would fall right back into their pointing and clicking ways.


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