Newspapers, PR, and Technology, Oh My!

Some people say that newspapers are dying, well, they aren’t dying, they’re being reborn. Newspapers have to evolve, lose the papers, and become just plain news. Now, news is online, it’s an app on our smartphones, it’s on facebook; it’s been technologized.

I assume that most people can recognize that news changing like this affects journalists in a huge way,  but the effects on public relations have remained behind the scenes for the most part.

EndGame Public Relations specifically says that the changes in news and newspapers has changed the way that they send out press releases, the way they catch wind of potential news and issues, even something as basic to the profession as what they are creating for their clients –  and that was two years ago. Now, it’s even more intensified.

As a PR professional today, you need to have a presence in many different places on the web. EndGame, for example, has their facebook page, their website, their president’s twitter, their president’s linkedin, their blog and site feed, and their YouTube channel.

As a consumer, I hear about most new events, products, companies, etc. from my facebook page. One of the places I have spent the most money,, I only know about because it popped up on my facebook ads.

Public relations is chasing the next big medium, and having to keep an eye on the last big things too. Now, there are many more venues where potential issues can pop up, and many more venues where you need to get word out to, whatever that word may be.


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